About Our Clothing Companies...

The Masai Clothing Company is a Danish clothing retailer, founded in 1992. Designing clothing for the adult, fashion-conscious woman, Masai provides a relaxed, individual style. Interesting and varied silhouettes, alongside the use of many high quality fabrics, gives Masai clothing it beautiful and unique characteristics.

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Seasalt started as a family business in 1981 in Penzance, Conrnwall. Still based in Cornwall, Seasalt now produces womens and mens fashion inspired by Cornwalls heritage. Using many of their own fabric designs, plus organic cottons and their own fabrics, Seasalt provides practical and stylish clothing with a nautical twist.

Adini was founded in the UK in 1978, and was one of the first clothing companies to incorporate creative foreign designs and themes into its British collections. A classic womens wear brand, Adini specialise in using 100% natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, bamboo and viscose in all their collections. Adini (an anagram of India) provides collections which, although quintessentially English, have a hint of Eastern influence, giving them their own unique and distinctive style.